Experience that Makes a Difference

Harvey Budd’s dedication to building our community through arts, education, historic preservation, and local business development began well before he was elected to the Gainesville City Commission on April 14, 2015 and continues today.

Vote March 20th

Harvey Budd

As your City Commissioner, Harvey Budd works to

  • Reduce Poverty & Disparity
  • Expand Job Opportunities
  • Protect Our Environment
  • Protect Our Neighborhoods
  • Improve Education
  • Advance Equality for All
  • Reform Criminal Justice
  • Lower Utility Costs

Living and working in Gainesville for over 50 years,
Harvey Budd has been an active member of the community

Raised millions of dollars for local businesses

Public Service

Commissioner & Mayor Pro Tem, City of Gainesville
Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization (Chair)
North Florida Regional Planning Council
Alachua County Planning Commission
Alachua County Charter Review Commission
City of Gainesville’s Cultural Commission
Alachua County School Board One Mill Oversight Committee
Citizens Advisory Committee
Gainesville City Planning Board
MTPO Advisory Board
Alachua County Campaign Finance Reform Advisory Board

Hundreds of jobs created in the community

Why Vote for Harvey?

Unique and Necessary Expertise

As a successful CPA and former municipal auditor, Harvey is used to working with large and difficult budgets. With someone like Harvey, the City Commission can be confident they make sound financial decisions.

Locally Informed and Involved

Harvey’s civic involvement is extensive. For nearly 20 years, Harvey has worked on Planning Commissions, protecting neighborhoods and the environment.

Building Local Businesses

In his 53 years in Gainesville, Harvey has raised millions of dollars for local businesses and created hundreds of jobs in Gainesville.


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We need to take bold steps now to protect and improve our environment on a local level. By reducing our city’s own carbon footprint, we can be a shining example of a green city of the future.

Human Rights

I believe that unity, diversity, and acceptance make our city strong. I will always stand up for human rights. It’s important to remember that human rights are not upheld without responsibilities: I believe each individual has a responsibility to respect others and the planet we share.


Replacing our bus fleet with smaller buses and electric vehicles is something that we should move forward on. We need to consider the costs of this investment in new technology against the long-term costs of continuing business as usual through unsustainable transportation practices.


I believe that the city commission, with the assistance of the Utility Advisory Board, should continue to work as the governance model for GRU.

Economic Development

Downtown Gainesville is transforming at a rapid pace. I am a proponent of redevelopment within the city limits in favor of the urban sprawl that results in inefficient use of resources and unsustainable environmental practices. However, the risks of this development include a loss of affordable commercial space and affordable housing in this area. I am dedicated to ensuring that living and doing business downtown remains affordable. There are several things we must do to accomplish this:


I have known Harvey since high school. Even then he was a leader. He served our senior class as our treasurer and as his actions have demonstrated worked tirelessly during his adult life to make our community better. I am proud to count Harvey as my friend and can’t think of any person more qualified to be a public official!

Gunnar Paulson

Chairman, School Board of Alachua County

I have known Harvey Budd since 1999 and I know he understands the importance of hard work and good planning when it comes to the task at hand. He has a genuine desire to make our City a better place for all.

Diyonne McGraw

Chair, African American Accountability Alliance (4A's)